A historical building that utilized to house members of the Royal Family and Sea Lords is now governed by Sharia law, MailOnline can reveal.

Admiralty House is one of 2 more public structures that are exposed today to operate under Islamic law following the discoveries that federal government properties were quietly moved to finance an Islamic bond plan in 2014.

In addition to 2 Department of Health buildings and the Department of International Development property on Whitehall, the bond scheme also covers Admiralty House and an unknown building at 4-26 Webber Street in Southwark, south London.


It takes the overall variety of government structures that were moved to fund the 200million Islamic finance scheme to five.

Under the terms of the lease, the sale of alcohol is among the activities banned on the properties because they need to comply with Sharia law. George Osborne revealed the move in June 2014 as part of an effort to make the UK a worldwide hub for Islamic finance. Critics stated the plan would lose money and could weaken Britain’s financial and legal systems by imposing Sharia law onto federal government facilities. Due to the Islamic bond plan referred to as Sukuk the ownership of the leases on the five government buildings have actually been switched from British taxpayers to wealthy Middle Eastern business people and banks. The cash raised will be repayable from 2019. Instead of interest, bond-buyers will earn rental income from the Government offices because interest payments are prohibited in Sharia law. The Treasury agreed to make the Sukuk completely compliant with the code of Islamic law to make sure financiers were not put off purchasing the scheme, meaning each of the structures used to finance the items have to date the terms of Sharia law, consisting of the ban on alcohol. It indicates Admiralty House – which neglects Whitehall and Horse Guards Parade – and other public buildings under the scheme run under the code of Sharia law. Opened in 1788, the eight-story building is now utilized as federal government workplaces however was once the home of courtiers and members of the Royal family.

It was later on the official house for the First Lord of the Admiralty, that included Sea Lords, Chancellors of the Exchequor and other members of the nobility. More just recently it was the grace-and-flavour home for the former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and the ex-deputy prime minister John Prescott. Lord Prescott’s affair with his secretary, Tracey Temple, is believed to have started in his Admiralty House office and apartment or condo in 2002. Ukip MP Douglas Carswell said news of the latest structures to be revealed as operating under the Islamic bond plan is proof that the Government ‘kept the fact about the number of public buildings the Treasury has actually put into the hands of Islamic investors’. Ukip’s Parliamentary representative Suzanne Evans told MailOnline: ‘When he released his sharia finance plan, the Prime Minister stated he would welcome ‘the participation of industry in establishing this initiative’. ‘He made no reference of the reality financing would be in fact be raised manuallying over the leases of publicly-owned, federal government structures. He’s been less than transparent and the public will rightly be angered by this.’. Discoveries that federal government buildings were being governed by Sharia law first emerged in January, when it was exposed that MPs might be required to stop drinking alcohol if they are momentarily rehoused in the Department of Health while the Palace of Westminster undergoes vital repair services. The structure – at 79 Whitehall opposite the Cenotaph – is among the structures that have actually been transferred to the Islamic bond plan. A Treasury source informed MailOnline that 2 other structures under the scheme are Wellington House in Lambeth – a second Department of Health site – and 22-26 Whitehall, the home of the Department of International Development. Verifying that alcohol is one of the prohibited activities in the buildings under the Sukuk bond scheme, a Whitehall authorities told The Times newspaper: ‘It’s true. If MPs wish to use Richmond House they ‘d better quit any hopes it will consist of a bar.’. A spokesman for the joint committee on the Palace of Westminster, which is managing the refurbishment of Parliament, stated the committee is ‘aware that Richmond House is under a bond’. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen stated he was outraged to discover that parts of Whitehall was being ruled by Islamic law. ‘I do find it unbelievable federal government structures are governed by Sharia law,’ he informed MailOnline. ‘I do not see the bars as being an essential part of Parliament but it’s the concept that matters. ‘Most of our constituents will be definitely astonished that the concept could ever have been authorised.’. News that relocating to the Department of Health facilities would bar MPs from consuming alcohol was the most recent in a series of stumbling blocks come across by Parliamentary authorities as they look for a brand-new home while a 4billion worth of repair services is performed on the structure, which is riddled with asbestos, leaking ceilings and rodents and was described as a ‘death trap’ by one near the refurbishment strategies. The Palace of Westminster has lots of bars and restaurants, where MPs, peers, personnel and other passholders can take pleasure in pints for as little as 2.90. The most inexpensive and quickest alternative for refurbishing the Palace of Westminster would require MPs to briefly move out of the building for as much as six years. A specially-made chamber built in the courtyard of the Department of Health just 100 lawns down the roadway from the Palace of Westminster is the favored option among MPs. Continuing to be close to the palace would be the most hassle-free alternative for government ministers, who would continue to work in Whitehall departments and need to be held accountable to Parliament. Moving MPs to a courtyard in the Department of Health is popular with some MPs because it might quickly be integrated into the present Parliamentary estate.

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